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Timisoara Business Days 2014

Come and discover Ultimate Entrepreneurship and The Millionaire's Mindset next month in Timisoara!  I am once again privileged to be called back to Business Days, one of the best events in Romania for entrepreneurs, managers, students and business owners. The events are organized in o
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Mru’s Motivational Monday’s 8 Top Tips for Leadership

Monday seems to come too soon and full of priorities, responsibilities and low levels of determination or inspiration. By changing your mind-set you have the ability to leave the Monday Blues behind and maximize your potential.  Here are 8 Steps Towards Becoming The Leader You Need To
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Benefits of Superfoods

Superfoods are a small category of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are very high in nutrients, vitamins & minerals and psytochemical content that have immense benefits on the body compared to normal everyday foods. These foods are richer in benefits, have higher concentrat
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Little Known Stress Management Tips & Techniques

Little Known Stress Management Tips & Techniques: How To Relax More & Worry Less   Check out this slideshow presentation ; a great lesson on how to reduce stress and when to let go! Click here to download your own copy! Get Rid of Stress   What is Stress? To understa
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  A small truth to make life 100% !   Attitude from Shakti Motivation Attitude Counts.       Here are some great quotes on Attitude. For more on Positive Thinking and Laws of Attraction visit Personal Transformation on ShaktiHolistic.Com   “Our life is wh
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Mru Patel’s talk at TedXBucharest : Adopting Change.

Mru Patel's well received talk on Adopting Change while Moving Forward and Taking Action at TEDxBucharest! Watch to discover Mru Patel's keys to success ; determination, positive and forward thinking, confidence and commitment. Learn how to balance all
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Mru Patel’s 6 Day Juice Fast

Mru Patel's 6 Day Juice Fast One of the most common detox diets, the juice fast involves a short-term intake of solely water, raw vegetables and fruit juice. The fast is based on the belief that juice is a good source of vitamins and antioxidants.    Check out Mru Patel's custom
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How to start living raw

Living a healthy life means taking care of your body, mind and spirit. If you want to live in a good manner, you must have a holistic approach to your life. As a first step, you can start by taking care of your body and giving it the right food. Raw foods are uncooked meals, fruits, v
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