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Adapting for Efficiency – Open Source Platforms

UK Government finally takes a major step forward by adapting to Open Source. Back in my corporate days at Sun Microsystems/Oracle  one of my favourite projects was the testing and unveiling of  open office  software and platforms across the country. We challenged Microsoft who were co
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How do you develop an idea and turn it into a business concept?

Do you wonder why only certain people from society are able to discover and exploit opportunities that make them successful entrepreneurs? Why the rest, living in the same environment, could have never thought of those ideas? How did Mark Zuckerberg come up with idea of a social netwo
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How To Get A Free Copy Of My Latest Entrepreneurship Book!

  In this fast changing and hypercompetitive world, there’s only one thing that can keep your business’ bottom-line breathing – YOU! Being a leader you need to devise a winning game plan that can not only beat the competition but revolutionize the market dynamics. Are you doing t
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How to deal with addressable challenges when doing business in Romania.

I'm honoured to have guest blogged on one of Romania's best  English  language website, started as a solo project in May 2010, and was fueled by the need to give the expatriate community in Romania a source of quality, fresh news tailored to th
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Effects of the current crisis: A possible solution

Today I want to talk about what I believe is the effects of the current economic crisis and potentially how the Banks and Governments can help resolve the issues to get back into a normal economy and secure peoples homes and lifestyle. Before I suggest the situation and possible solut
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