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Mru Patel has hit best seller status with the book Art and Science of Success Volume 4, as featured on ; 



Fast Track Your Business To Success, Mru’s latest book, has already reached number 2 in the Business Teams category on Amazon Kindle.


Mru Patel has also been featured in ; 


Click Here to read an inspiring article featuring Mru Patel written by Daniela Oancea. Mru Patel discusses how to adopt change in any climate, personal progress, setting SMART goals and most importantly, removing obstacles and taking action!


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  I am a big  believer  in the fact that if you give and share with others, without any expectations for any personal gain, the more will come back around to you . I strongly believe, that you find a lot of expats over the world that provide to their home countries’ charities or their favourites, however when you go to another country where it’s obvious that help is needed , it’s important to contribute locally as well. I also contribute to various charities in Africa and Cancer research. I urge everybody in Romania to give something back to the local society!

My main two charities that I wish to focus on at the moment are Zambet si Suflet, and Hospice Casa Sperantei.

My Art and Science of Success Book Launch  featured both charities and all profits from book sales go towards assisting these two charities in their goals.

Cabral and Andreea Ibacka, founders of the Zambet si Suflet charity, both made speeches at the event ; 


 See all the pictures and read more about the Event here! 



All the profits of The Art and Science of Success are going to some of my favourite charities ; Zambet si Suflet and Hospice Casa Sperantei. To learn more about the work towards the charities or to make a donation please visit SuccessBook.Info today! Don’t forget to grab your free eBook package while you’re there!

My well received talk on Adopting Change while Moving Forward and Taking Action at TEDxBucharest!


Here is a video from my latest talk, in Timisoara, part of the Business Days event.

I was also privileged to take part in one of the best business and entrepreneurial events to ever happen in Bucharest. Business Days, held at the Romano Americana University, brought together the top managers, entrepreneurs, investors and investors of Romania to provide quality value content to the visitors. See some pictures from the event below.

Here is one of my talks from Business Days Bucharest 2013




Click here to see some of the other charities that I support.