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Shakti Holistic International















“Shakti Holistic bases its existence on a certain conception of the world and of life, where health, well-being, and the constant evolution to happiness are part of the fulfillment and purpose of life; we consider these to be inherent and native rights of every human being. Shakti Holistic is designed as a center where every person that enters (either in our home location, or on-line) will find the right instruments for healthy living, balance, welfare, and happiness.”

Shakti Holistic International aims to provide total wellness in a variety of different ways from health supplements to yoga, spirituality and meditation, so to help reform or improve your lifestyle and facilitate a complete body rebalance. We also endeavor to provide a complete state of well being, and a full mind, body and soul rebalance and redirection.

Total wellness requires positive actions in all life aspects. We will assist you in increasing your knowledge of what to eat, how to eat and how to prepare it. We can provide diet plans or programs which can assist in improving energy levels, weight management and metabolism levels.

Shakti Personal Transformation is an effort to help the individual look for inner contentment, and to help remove all blockages so that the individual can progress to their maximum potential in life. Motivation and Inspiration are key to anyones journey

Shakti Raw wishes to provide a healthier and more vibrant life, and to overcome nutritional deficiencies through the highest quality, safe, tested and reliable natural health supplements.

Shakti Holistic Yoga allows the clients to enhance their life by reducing stress and the risk of diseases, and by motivating the practitioner as a whole- mind body and soul.

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European Property Investments










EPI have been operating in Romania for over 5 years and with a team of over 25 years experience in the market of Real Estate and Finance management.

The Company

Established in 2004, EPI of the first UK based team entering a property fund into the market devoted exclusively to Romanian property, which started as a Friends and Family based Investment fund. This has since closed and exited the fund giving returns of over 320% within 2 years and 4 months (in June 2007 to be exact) and gained a reputation of the most sought after provider of advice on Romania – to everyone from our corporate clients to the Romanian Chamber of Commerce, Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and the investment media. The Founder in the early days was often a speaker represented on these bodies conferences. This was largely due to the detailed research done prior to entering the market (over 8 months research before coming to Romania), and a further 7 months in the country prior to doing the first deal.

We are confident in the long term prospects of the Romanian property market and will continue to capitalize on this opportunity. EPI also manages investors portfolio from setting up companies locally through to administration and the buy sell process, legals, accounting, including property management and taxation related activities.

In short the only one stop shop we believe that provides this service in a co-investment collaboration to manage your Real Estate investment in Romania.

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