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The Ultimate Entrepreneurship & Body Rebalance Bootcamp

Hello friends, Are you, like many others, searching for your unique key to success? Do you want to discover the real Millionaire's Mindset? Some people attend seminars, conferences and even supplement them with books - thinking that they can master what's in them ... Many also study n
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Timisoara Business Days 2014

Come and discover Ultimate Entrepreneurship and The Millionaire's Mindset next month in Timisoara!  I am once again privileged to be called back to Business Days, one of the best events in Romania for entrepreneurs, managers, students and business owners. The events are organized in o
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Building an ACE Brand

Who does your brand resonate with, and why? A brand is much more than just the visuals such as logo, website, tagline etc. It is how people including your employees and potential customers perceive you. A brand is your customer service, your strategy, your means of communication and s
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Latest Interviews

I hope you have had a relaxing rejuvinating holiday period and a fantastic action packed start to 2014! Have you read my latest version of Fast Track Your Business To Success? If not then register on the right hand side to receive your free copy ( plus my SmartER Goal Setting eBook!).
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My 7 Day Body Re-balance and Detox Juice Fast

Find Out My Detailed Researched Secrets On How Anyone Can Get Fit And Fabulous Even If You Are Over 50, Run Down, Out-Of-Shape, Hormones Raging, Mind And Focus Out Of Control, And Even Stressed With Sleeping Disorders. Preventative health care has gained more and more awareness these
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Mru’s Monday Motivation ~ How to Connect to your Audience

You might have the greatest pitch or content in the world, but without connecting with your audience it will all go to waste. The top reasons why most speakers don't connect to their audience are: The audience can not relate to the speaker. The audience were given too many steps to ta
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Overcoming the fears that hold Romanians Back. My Latest Romania-Insider article.

I'm honoured to have guest blogged on one of Romania's best  English  language website, started as a solo project in May 2010, and was fueled by the need to give the expatriate community in Romania a source of quality, fresh news tailored to th
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Benefits of Superfoods

Superfoods are a small category of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are very high in nutrients, vitamins & minerals and psytochemical content that have immense benefits on the body compared to normal everyday foods. These foods are richer in benefits, have higher concentrat
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