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Free Kindle Offer For 5 Days Only! Get Fast Track Your Business To Success for Free

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur aiming towards financial freedom?  Do you find you are struggling with a blueprint on how to setup and grow your business fast? Fast Track Your Business To Success   is the solution for you, discover how to master Your Entrepreneurial Spirit in all as
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Watch me on The Money Channel Tonight!(17:00-18:00, 6/03/2014 )

Big News! I will be the guest on tonight's episode of Market Report on The Money Channel Romania.   Market Report is a insightful and intriguing show hosted by Constantin Rudnitschi, which focuses daily on at least one of the 80+ consumer markets in Romania. I will have the chanc
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Adapting for Efficiency – Open Source Platforms

UK Government finally takes a major step forward by adapting to Open Source. Back in my corporate days at Sun Microsystems/Oracle  one of my favourite projects was the testing and unveiling of  open office  software and platforms across the country. We challenged Microsoft who were co
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How do you develop an idea and turn it into a business concept?

Do you wonder why only certain people from society are able to discover and exploit opportunities that make them successful entrepreneurs? Why the rest, living in the same environment, could have never thought of those ideas? How did Mark Zuckerberg come up with idea of a social netwo
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How To Get A Free Copy Of My Latest Entrepreneurship Book!

  In this fast changing and hypercompetitive world, there’s only one thing that can keep your business’ bottom-line breathing – YOU! Being a leader you need to devise a winning game plan that can not only beat the competition but revolutionize the market dynamics. Are you doing t
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Business Days 2013

I was privileged to take part in one of the best business and entrepreneurial events to ever happen in Bucharest. Business Days, held at the Romano Americana University, brought together the top managers, entrepreneurs, investors and investors of Romania to provide quality value conte
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Ziare Interview, ‘Strain in Romania’

I was honoured to be interviewed by Ziare on the current situation in Romania, entrepreneurship and business in general. Click here  to read the interview, or for my English only speaking friends see below for a translated version ! How do you expect people to speak good, when you spe
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My Top 10 Tips For Writing a Winning Business Plan

Planning is one of the key factors for any successful venture. Whether you are looking for investors/banks to fund your business venture or you just want to give a more concrete approach to your business idea, a well-written comprehensive business plan is what you need to meet these g
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6 Top Tips to Growing Your Start-Up Business

Entrepreneurs  stay in the start-up mode approach and mentality too long. Keeping a tiny business in start-up mode needs you to face up to applying some brakes. If you continue telling folks you are "just a start-up," you may never take actions for real growth. Mentally you stay in st
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